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Executive Education

Since first opening our doors in 1986, executive education has been at the heart of what we do. Our philosophy of focusing on the organization’s key emerging business issues was grounded in our work in Motorola’s Senior Executive Programs. The same is true of our belief in the power of presenting multiple perspectives as grist for substantive discussion among an organization’s leaders.

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We’ve enjoyed the intellectual stimulation and rich experience that comes from building a wide range of executive education initiatives, including:

  • Doing business in the People’s Republic of China
  • Accelerated preparation of future general managers
  • Adjusting global strategies to reflect the reality of shifting raw material sources
  • Identifying and understanding the implications of rapidly changing competitive forces
  • Managing change at the individual, organization and industry level
  • Developing leaders that think more strategically
  • Leading the organization through a dramatically altered regulatory environment
  • Becoming truly global - learning what that means and how to monitor it.
The list goes on at some length. And, in each case, we’ve had the privilege and pleasure of helping our clients work through the issues and challenges.

The interventions have ranged in duration from a one day, secret briefing for less than 20 need-to-know executives to a number of initiatives that lasted 25 or more days and were delivered over a multiyear period to hundreds of worldwide managers and executives.

Just as exciting as the wide range of clients and their diverse key emerging business issues has been the variety of "learning mediums" we’ve been able to employ. Our clients have been open to and have experienced notable success with:

  • Computer simulations
  • Customized business cases
  • World-class faculty from top tier universities and major consulting firms
  • Outward bound initiatives
  • Custom built decision criteria exercises
  • Benchmarking fieldwork
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Team video projects
  • Detailed business diagnostics
  • And always -- strong facilitation and processing.

All of the above -- the rich range of strategic issues, the wide variety of formats and the exciting array of delivery methodologies have been possible because of our exceptional clients. Almost without exception, our clients have understood that creatively designed and powerfully delivered executive education can impact the future of individual leaders and entire organizations. And, fortunately for us, those same clients have taken the risks sometimes associated with venturing into relatively uncharted areas -- whether those areas are content or process based -- or both. Our experiences tell us that their enlightened innovation has almost always been richly rewarded.


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