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EKW's Free Corporate Consultation

For nearly 30 years, many of our best client relationships have begun with simple, no-obligation conversations and consultations. It’s a great way for us to get to know you and you to know us.

What You Can Expect As a Likely Outcome:

Once we have had a chance to talk with you about your organization, its business issues and your education/development goals, we should be able to help you and, through you, your senior management think about -

  • When it makes the most sense to use of custom-built vs. off-the-shelf vs. public open enrollment executive education offerings
  • The risks and benefits involved with these and other types of interventions
  • Which type(s) of case(s) are likely to be most helpful in accomplishing your business and development goals - live, action, historical and / or traditional Harvard-type.
  • The critical success factors for a high impact, successful executive education intervention
  • The costs and timelines you can anticipate if you choose to invest in custom-built initiative
  • Some initial concepts for closely connecting your executive education effort to your corporation’s key emerging business issues.

It’s Simple and Obligation-Free:

Just call our offices to schedule a mutually convenient time for a brief phone conversation during which you and one of our senior associates can explore the challenges and opportunities you and your organization are facing and discuss the pros and cons of various executive education and development options.

To Make the Best Use of Your Time:

To make the very best use of your time during that phone discussion, we suggest that you give some thought to the following questions prior to the actual phone consultation. Your responses will help us more efficiently and effectively assist you.

  1. Do you have a specific education or development assignment in mind? Or, is there some other goal, such as to stimulate stronger interest or commitment on the part of senior management?
  2. To what, if any, business issue, challenge or opportunity is this developmental initiative(s) tied?
  3. Who is the senior level sponsor or customer for this effort?
  4. What are the business and/or development goals associated with this initiative?
  5. What is the timeline for accomplishing the goal(s)?

To schedule your free phone consultation with one of our senior associates, contact us. There is no obligation and you’ll receive the benefit of our sixteen-plus years of helping the Fortune 500 harness Executive Education and Action Learning for executive and organization development.


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