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Enhanced Business Meetings

Over the past 30 years, more and more of our business might best be described as the design, development and facilitation of senior level business meetings with a strong strategic focus. Sometimes those are the annual strategic planning sessions. At other times the meetings are one-time events intended to help set direction or insure collective alignment.

We pride ourselves on delivering a strong combination of cutting-edge business content and creative, energizing processes. One example of that combination is the Strategy/Leadership Through History meeting that we designed and conducted for a long-standing client -- Lincoln Financial Group -- at Gettysburg. The program is detailed elsewhere on our website, but might best be summarized as a senior level, strategically focused business meeting that utilized Gettysburg, the leadership of Lincoln and the backdrop of the Civil War to explore present-day issues of corporate strategy, commitment and leadership. By every assessment that we received, the meeting was considered unusually engaging and powerful.

As to the potential confusion between business meetings and educational or developmental events -- we enthusiastically encourage our clients and you to amplify the blur. Build developmental and educational interventions that are seen by attendees as highly productive and valuable business meetings. And, strive to create business meetings with the kind of educational and informational inputs and professional facilitation that makes them the occasions for exceptional learning and development.


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