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Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.


How Corporations Share in the Results of Our Research:

There are several ways for corporations and individuals to secure the results of our National Benchmarking Studies.

Early in the process, Executive KnowledgeWorks assembles a small team of Corporate Sponsors , each of which has an interest in funding a portion of the research in exchange for the opportunity to help shape its direction. These corporations realize a number of benefits for their sponsorship, including periodic early releases of research findings, advance access to vendor/supplier directories, the assurance that the research will meet their corporation’s specific needs and a Corporate Sponsors Workshop that reviews the study’s findings prior to general publication, as well as allowing sponsors to network with leading thinkers and practitioners.

Once the results of a Study are fully documented in one of our National Benchmarking Reports, we work with a limited number of corporations on a Modified Beta Test. The purpose of the Beta Test is to ensure that the comprehensive Report, prepared for the original corporate sponsors (in the case of our recent Executive Coaching Report: Pfizer, Nationwide, Discover Financial and Johnson & Johnson), meets the needs of the broader corporate market. We ask our Beta Test corporations to provide us with candid feedback as to the formatting, scope, layout and general helpfulness of the report. In exchange for their input, corporations participating in the Modified Beta Test receive the results of our research earlier than the general public and at an adjusted price.

Each of our National Benchmarking Reports is then available for general purchase for a reasonable but limited period -- reflecting the time-sensitive value of the data and analysis.

What You Can Expect To Discover In Our Reports:

Our National Benchmarking Reports provide the reader with maps of the human resource development world. Each of our eight reports details the state of the art of the topic at hand. What are the major issues? Who is successful and why? How much is being spent, on what activities and interventions and with what results? Who are the leading providers, practitioners and thinkers -- and what are their perspectives?

If you were going to lead your organization in the direction of this human resource development practice, of what critical factors should you be aware? What are the cutting-edge and emerging practices, who is offering them -- and what risks do those practices present? If you want to talk directly to the most experienced people in this field, who are they and where might you contact them?

Our National Benchmarking Reports are designed to be in-depth briefings for those professionals who are new to their position, as well as for veteran practitioners who want to ensure that their organizations are aware of and benefiting from all recent advancements in their field.

What Our Reports Do Not Provide:

Our National Benchmarking Reports are not skill building manuals. For example, our most recent report, Executive Coaching: Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Corporate America, does not spell out the techniques and methodologies employed by a coach. It does not provide training or skill-building on the fundamentals of coaching. If it is a how-to manual, it is so for executives and human resource professionals who wish to implement and lead executive coaching in their corporation.


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