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Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.

Executive Coaching Overview

Executive Coaching is a good example of the balance between research and application in the human resource development arena that our firm, Executive KnowledgeWorks, has attempted to realize for the past 21 years. As with our work in Executive Education, Executive Development and Action Learning we have, with Executive Coaching, tried to balance nationwide in-depth research with direct hands-on Fortune 500 services.

In the area of Executive Coaching we:

  • Published in 2001 our 8th National Benchmarking Report -- Executive Coaching: Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Corporate America -- a road map for and thorough exploration of the issues, possibilities and challenges associated with Executive Coaching.
  • Created and published (both in print and electronically) the National Directory of Executive Coaches -- a detailed listing of nearly 1,000 independent executive coaches throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Have, for a number of our clients, provided discrete and substantive Coaching for the executives responsible for their organization's human resource development and executive development functions. We have, for many years, been coaching and supporting the "Chief Developers".

You can learn more about each of these products and services elsewhere in this web site and / or by calling or e-mailing us at 815-356-3557 / info@ekw-hrd.com.


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