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Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.

New National Benchmarking Report -
Executive Coaching: Emerging Trends and Best
Practices in Corporate America

A word from the author:
Let me introduce myself. My name is Martha Stock. For the past eight months my associates and I have dedicated ourselves to the study of executive coaching in corporate America, and it is my pleasure to share our findings with you.

The report allows you to delve deeply into the world of executive coaching, just as we did. However, you won't have to schedule hundreds of interviews, buy software to accommodate thousands of new contacts and references, hire new staff, or report to a maniacal president. We have done that work for you.

More about the new National Benchmarking Report.

The National Directory Of Executive Coaches and The National Search Directory:

As a part of the National Benchmarking Report, we have also published a National Directory of Executive Coaches and its web-based companion - The Electronic Search Directory. Both Directories list and briefly describe hundreds of executive coaches throughout the United States and Canada. This searchable electronic directory allows corporations to locate executive coaches based on several distinguishing characteristics (e.g., years of experience, areas of specialization, location, etc.).

The Report and Directory are available now.


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