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Leveraging Executive Education and Leader Development For Strategic Planning, Action Learning, Customized Executive Education and Enhanced Business Meetings - all supported by a philosophy of Breakthrough Centered Development.
Research and Publishing:
Eight National Benchmarking Reports.


For nearly 30 years Executive KnowledgeWorks' team of more than a dozen experienced and dedicated full time professionals has provided Fortune 500 corporations with three distinct services:

  1. Custom designed executive education and strategic planning initiatives
  2. Consultation to and coaching of human resource development executives
  3. Custom research on HRD issues

For most of those years we provided those services out of our corporate home - the old Slade Street Station - in Palatine, Illinois.

Executive KnowledgeWorks continues to offer those and related services. In keeping with the times and with the professional growth and evolution of our associates, Executive KnowledgeWorks now does so in a more virtual form.

To Contact Us - just visit our "Staff" page under the "About Us" drop down menu and directly email or call the individual whose professional expertise and interests most closely matches your needs.

We've organized the site around:

Executive KnowledgeWorks was founded in 1986 by the team of managers responsible for Motorola's worldwide executive education programs. For over 21 years our firm has provided our Fortune 500 clients with custom built executive and organization development initiatives as well as creative, high impact strategy meetings.

From the day we opened our doors, we've also dedicated a significant portion of our resources to the research and exploration of major human resource development issues such a succession planning, the development of high potentials and most recently -- executive coaching. To date we've published a total of eight such National Benchmarking Reports.

If you have the occasion to check with our current or past clients, they will likely tell you that we are a high integrity, creative, candid, supportive, attentive-to-detail team of enthusiastic professionals. We maintain a strong focus on your strategic and business issues and we have a bias toward no-nonsense initiatives that provide high priority business breakthroughs.

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